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Descent into Arcanus - Personagens - Syndirrë

Syndirrë, Dama Platinada


     By 1375 DR, Iljrene was one of the sub-commanders of the Protectors of the Song and held the rank of Hand of the Protectors. She defended the temple of the Promenade against Dhairn's attack, who led the clerics of Selvetarm. She fought valiantly, but she fell to Dhairn's blade, which transformed her into a mass of spiders and absorbed it into his weapon. Without a physical body left...
she was prevented from being resurrected...
Iljrene Ahbruyn

     However, at last, in the Demonweb Pits, Cavatina Xarann killed Selvetarm himself. Dhairn fell confused and powerless without the power of his god. He was trying to escape when Qilue's blade skewered his back.
     His weapon was lost in the battle and for many years lost to the world. A necromancer apprentice, playing with powers he did not understand brought the weapon back from the Abyss and was consumed for its power, all his energy and dedication went on to understand it until he was finally able to share its secret, and an explosion consumed him and the secluded laboratory, leaving behind destruction and a beautiful female drow body.

     A human Merchant, named Igor Strongarms that was passing in a nearby road heard the explosion, and out of curiosity decided to investigate. He found Iljrene laying in the rubbles, naked and passed out. He tended to her, and took her with him in his travels. She didn’t remember well her past or why she was there, but that didn’t matter for both of them, a bond created between them, and love soon followed.

     Igor bought a shop in Settlestone, and there they settled. She looked after the shop and he travel to buy and sell products. They lived a dream for a few years, until Iljrene got pregnant, and what was supposed to be the greatest moment of their life, it was the last. Igor travel for the last time after Syndirrë’s birth, never to return. Iljrene continue to care after the bussinnes and now after her daughter, she managed to found someone to bring her goods to sell,
but never found love again.

     Syndirrë grew with an image of a fantastic father, who had died defending his family, according to her mother. She was brighter, faster and smarter than the other kids around, but she was also isolated and quick to anger when bullied by her looks.

     Iljrene did the best she could to raise a good person, but there’s something in the genes that can’t be easily hidden. She kept most of her past hidden, and told only little stories about the Underdark and its big city like Skullport e Menzoberranzan. Around the age of twelve, and outbreak of an unknown disease spread through Settlestone and outsider were to blame, the mob invaded the little shop, Iljrene once again fought bravely, and once again death was her destiny, but she fought and killed long enough to her daughter disappear into the plains, following the last words she would ever hear from your mom.
“Be yourself, always!”

Life in Menzoberranzan


     As she run, a voice in her head whispered words like caves, safety, dark, you, spiders, protection, come home. She couldn’t quite understand it and did know where to run to, she was all alone, cold and hungry, as she left herself sleep under a tree. A loud and close howl woke her up, it was dark, but her drow eyes could see a couple of wolfs, ready to attack. She tried to climb the tree in vain, to weak, to frighten, she would soon meet her mom and dad. As the wolf charged a dark, hairy and multi legged creature jumped from the tree and fought and killed the animal. Syndirrë felt relieved, but when the Giant Spider turn to her, she was quite unsure. A voice in her head hushed words:
Be well and calm down my child!
     You’re back to your Mother and creator! You’re safe with me. Come, rest again and your troubles will disappear!” As she laid her head to a tree root, the giant spider involved her in her web, next time she opened her eyes, it was a different world.

     But in the Spider City, all was different, she was lured to the hand of mean Lolth’s priestesses, and they treated her even worse than the kids from school. Even as her training as a priestess was similar to the female drow in her class, it was left clear that she was as half blood, impure thing, that she was being raised for a porpoise, and she didn’t know which. The beating, the scuffled every time she better, faster where wiser than a drow or even a master. She had to learn to hold her abilities to stay alive and suffer less. Syndirrë mastered magic and weapons, and grew a beautiful woman that caught the eyes of male drows and envy of the female. She was often out on duty to protect, hunt and kill unspeakable monsters in the caves surrounding the city, to keep her away and for chance to die.

MM Shakti Hunzrin

     Matron Mother Shakti Hunzrin, ruler of the House Hunzrin, the Eleventh House in Menzoberranzan was aware of all this, but she had a plan for the half-drow, but none consideration or feelings. “It will tough you up!” – she would say. House Hunzrin was stuck in the district of Eastmyr, despite its arrogance and the fact that it controlled most of Menzoberranzan's agriculture. Matron had a plan, use the illegitimate daughter of a cleric of Eilistraee trained as a Priestess of Lolth to infiltrate and the betray your mother’s house, in the city of Skullport, letting in the forces of Hunzrin. In her twisted mind, Shakti hoped to gain the favour of the Spider Queen to make an attack on House Druu'giir. By 1472, Syndirrë was a full priestess of Lolth, her heart wasn’t completely dark, and the constant evil and fighting troubled her in a daily basis. She would struggle, but always fulfil her duties, but more than once found a clever
justification not to kill and set an enemy free.

Escaping Hell

     Syndirrë went disguised as commoner from the surface, and arrived at Skullport looking for mother’s house and family. She was welcomed and celebrated, her stories, even vague ones, were reason to gather her relatives under the blessing of Eilistraee. She forgot that other gods existed and some of them were good. The first fortnight she spent there, she was still communicating with Matron Shakti, but then she started stalling the attack, and for two months she did that successfully, and during that time she throw herself into the scriptures of Eilistraee and her teachings. Nightmares of attacking spiders kept her awake many nights, and grew a phobia of crawling creatures. The pressure of the Matron was too big, and the nightmares wouldn’t go away if this wasn’t settled.

     She set all as previous arranged in House Hunzrin, and by early 1479 a full attack was launched, with the alarms and guards disabled by Syndirrë, what was unknown for Matron Shakti, her priestesses, mages and warriors was that Syndirrë had betrayed then, Syndirrë told about the attack for the Mandible gang, and House Hunzrin walk into a trap, turned to in a slaughter. Few survived, but Matron Shakti was one of them, and that means that peace was not an option anymore, and staying in Skullport also. She sat down with the high priestess of Eilistraee and got ordained,
and fled the underworld, never to return.
     Her faith was to under in surface, where she could stay out of the reach of the Lolth’s web and Matron Shakti wrath.

A New Beginning

Baldur's Gate

     At Baldur’s Gate, Syndirrë was open-mouthed. The size and number of people were mesmerizing to her. She heard that was a non-racial biased city and that all were welcomed, and she craved for that. Since escaping Skullport, she travelled north-ish through dirty roads, small towns, hiding, begging and helping. After wander the continent, she eventually reached the coast in Port Llast where she met a bard called Trionner, who sang about The Gate and got her into a job as a healer in a ship that travelled down the Sword’s Coast into Baldur’s Gate.
She found a true calling,
     helping and tending to others, and swear to herself to help the less fortunate. She settled in The Outer City and slowly building a name for herself in the slums as a true healer. Many started following her teachings, and she managed to build a small temple/hospital for Eilistraee.

     She did grow in relevance and power and the four Dukes saw in her as an opportunity to placate any dissent voice coming from the poor. She started to receive donations from important businessman and invites to parties and dinners in The Upper City. Life was good and she was involved in politics, hoping to help the people, but she was being played without knowing, as the sense of belonging clouded her sharp mind. Panis et Circenses was in full motion in her life. Better clothes, better food, friends and doing what she loved. Memories of the underdark were fading away and she followed with her
as the most coveted bachelorette in town.

Rise and Fall

Eilistraee's Temple

     One day, a proxy for the Patriarc Tilleturn showed up at Syndirrë’s door with a proposition, to take a 10 years-old half-elf girl called Draine as her protégé, in return a new building would be provided for her Temple of Eilistraee. She was a prodigy and her visions were strong and true. She was an illegitimate spring and it was best if it was kept that way.

     Syndirrë made the most of the situation, and grew her temple and number of followers. Draine grew into a special teenager and their affection grew too, she never flinched to your skin colour or to your ears, in fact, she admired even more for your drow heritage. As time passed, she grew more curious about Menzoberranzan, at a point where you used her as a confident and told about your studies in Arach Tinilith, and everything you went through, you gave her you biggest secret. It felt good, as her eyes shone to your words.
I’m not alone anymore!
     She started to be a frequent flyer in the Upper City parties, always escorted by her protégé, an opportunity to Tilleturn to interact to his child and an opportunity even greater to the half-drow realize her dreams. Incited by Draine, she used her knowledge of potions, poisons, death traps and histories of suffering, always speaking of someone she knew, to gather people around and inflate her ego. She was a star, a must be close by, a most coveted bacharolette in Baldur’s Gate.

     Women in the Upper City envy her, for her beauty and her way around Patriarcs, and plotted to undermine her status, but at same time, to around her attracted attention for themselves, and in this game of luxury and fake emotions, Sydirré saw her temple to be flooded with gold.
Upper City's Ballroom

     Draine got a lot of attention as she grew into a beautiful teenager and as life goes she got romantically involved with an older boy from Provoss family. An older lad, with a great look, but bad reputation and from a decaying family. She fell deeply in love too quickly, and ready to follow him everywhere and do as he says.  Her mother and even more vehemently, her father, prohibited the relationship and demanded the end of it. Syndirrë got caught in the middle of it, as she was an ear to Draine sorrows and received commanding orders from the Patriarc. Draine suffered and tried to show that he was not after her for her money and heritage, and pressed you to help her.

     The girl knew everything about her, and could jeopardize all. She could slip in a casual conversation something to the boy, and he was not someone to trust. But at the same time, try to push them apart could anger Draine, and she could go straight to her father with Syndirrë’s secrets.

     Her pupil, even in these days of love, never missed and appointment or a class at the Temple, and let her tasks behind. One day she didn’t show up, a boy brought a message from Draine’s mother saying tha she was locked in a room and wouldn’t talk to anyone but her priestess. Syndirrë navigate her way deep in the outer city, to a very poor house, in a troubled neibourhood. Draine was distraught, crying at a point of barely explaining what had happened. She had been abused by Dyron. She begged not to tell her parents, the shame would be too great and her future as a priestess would be in risk, and her father would look at her with disgust, that’s how the poor child was thinking.
Syndiré obeyd.
     A couple of week passed, and life started to go back to normal, if it would ever go back to normal for Draine. But she grew quieter, with long times away from the Temple, when confronted, she admitted she wanted to kill, and the she ordered from a merchant in the Lower City a Blue Ibis poison to do the job. Words to calm her and to show that the truth would serve vengeance better were futile. This poison, actually, do not kill, and Syndirrë knew that as she saw being used time and time again in Menzoberranzan. In fact, it causes an irreversible damage to the brain, with no cure, even for healing magic.

     Half a week after, Baldur’s Gate Assassination started, and afraid that Draine would do something that would mark her forever, Syndirrë decided to save her. The boy’s family and even her father, unaware of the rape, pressed for the reunion, strangely changing opinion about the boy and the family. She acted first.

     She went to the girls’ room in the Temple, and stole the poison. Used her knowledge to prepare the potion, realizing that Draine wouldn’t be able to manipulate and succeed, but it was too late to go back, he needed to be punished and never touch her again. During a dinner with both families, she slipped the poison to Dyron glass of water.

Dyron and Draine

     In a couple of days, he was not speaking properly and his healthy and mind decaying quickly. Draine realized what Syndirrë did, and confronted her. Syndirrë pulled to a private studio in the Temple and tempers flared. Draine screamed that she didn’t have the right, that he was drunk and regret deeply and would make her his wife. Syndirrë tried to show her reason, and the door opened…Tilleturn demand an explanation. Draine hugged him accusing Syndirrë of the crime, the priestess told the reason and Draine accused her of being a follower of Lolth and envious of her pure love.

     Tilleturn said that Syndirrë had two choices, face all charges for this crime and for impersonating a cleric of Eilistraee when secret fomenting Lolth evil design and face death or place Draine as heir to the temple and her family as responsible for the financing and...
leave the Upper City now!
     As she walked down the streets, heading to the gates, having only her personal belongings, she remembered when she got there, she had now, better clothes, finer weapons, but she was in the same situation, not accepted. She tried to retrace her steps, and finding a reason for the decision of what she did – Did she has been influenced? – And how Tilleturn decided all so quickly facing all those facts. – Was she played? All her life started passing through her mind and she didn’t know where she was going.

Descent into Avernus

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