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[Dale Wizards] Interview w/ Ed Greenwood - Part 2

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ENGLISH: This is the second part of our interview with Ed Greenwood. To read other Dale Wizards interviews, click here; to read the first part of this interview, click here.

Ed Greenwood playing RPG with Salvatore
Dale Wizards (DW):  Since you have touched the new edition subject... I remember that in the beginning of the fourth edition, at Candlekeep forum, we have felt you a little upset. Are you more committed and more "in control" of the setting this time?

Ed Greenwood (EG): Wizards of the Coast is the copyright holder of the Realms. They are "in control." With that said, the Wizards creative team working on the Realms right now are GREAT, and are involving me closely. E-mails race back and forth (sometimes daily, sometimes weekly) between the Wizards staffers and me these days, as we work together. I am VERY happy, and see a bright future ahead for the Realms. Talented folks who CARE about the Realms. I’ve seen glimpses of what they’ve done so far and their plans for what’s ahead, and I’m impressed!

DW: We are planning an interview with Bob Salvatore via Skype. Do you have any funny thing to tell us from him? Or any questions that might get him to blush?

(EG): Bob? Blush? Never! Funny things? I don’t think so. I treasure Bob as a friend; he is a great creator and a great guy. I recall he has some funny stories about hotels he’s stayed in while doing book tours. He could probably write a scary fantasy guide to the dangers of hotels . . .

DW: Talking about other authors... How is your relationship with them? And do all of them have to talk to you to get some realmslore to start writing? 

(EG): THE best thing about gaming, for me, is the friends I’ve made. Over the twenty-five (and counting) years that the Realms has been a full-fledged published setting, I’ve gained a lot of friends, and the novelists (like Bob) and short story writers are prominent among them. No writer "has to" talk to me before writing something in the Realms, but I’m always happy to hand out Realmslore when asked - - and a lot of them, over the years, have asked, because they care about the Realms and want to "get things right" (and figure I’ll know). The Realms a big, detailed, complicated tapestry, and it works best when everyone working on the tapestry works together. I LOVE talking about the Realms and planning things and working with creative people, and want to like and respect the designers and authors working in the Realms - - and I’ve been SO lucky: so far, I have liked and respected them all. Truly.

Soon, you may read the third part of our interview...

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